Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Edge All-Stars!

State Fair 2nd Place

Yummy pizza at the fair!

More fair food...

3rd place at State Fair

The stage at the fair getting their awards.

Cousin Peyton and Maci checking out the rocking chair in the exhibit hall at the fair.

Maci performing on stage.

First Place at the Spirit Cheer Competition

On the way home, Maci zonked out in the car

My girls after they performed

Madison at a cheer competion in Sarasota

Maci with her cheer buddies (she is the one getting the piggyback ride)

The Youth Team on picture day

Maci smiling big at dress rehearsal

Madi and Maci with friends at the Edge Cheer Center
The Mini Team practicing their pyramid at the beginning of the season


Laying down so Mom can do their makeup

Madi and Maci have had a blast on The Edge All-Star Cheerleading Teams. Madi is on the youth team and Maci is on the Mini's. They have won 2-3 competitions each and have placed 2nd and 3rd at a few others. The biggest win for Madi was a few weeks ago at the State Fair. They won 1st and Maci's team won 3rd out of 10 teams. So, we thought that was awesome. Maci is enjoying her first year on the team. She just mastered her standing backhandspring and running roundoff backhandspring (one day I will video her tumbling and post it because it is so awesome). She is so tiny and flips all over the place. She has no fear and loves to tumble and stunt with the older kids. Some of the places we have traveled for competion are: Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando, Sarasota and more. We have two more competitions of the season. One is this weekend in Tampa and the last one is in Daytona Beach. We look forward to Daytona Beach because my family usually goes and we make it a weekend at the beach. It is always great memories going to Daytona because this is where we went every summer as a family. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Madi and Maci love their fans who come and watch them, they always ask..Who is coming to see us? Granny and Grandad Cannon and Grandma Becky come to every competiton and the girls love them for their support and dedication. Enjoy their pictures!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Fun Days over Christmas Break!

I have little time to blog lately. I will have to say I agree with Robyn M. that I try to enjoy the memories vs. bloggin' it all the time. But, I hope Madi and Maci will enjoy this as their journal,
Here are some highlights from Christmas Break 08'
We had fun do the following:

1. Having a Christmas Tea with my Sister's of Faith Bible Group
2. Going to the Movies to see "Bride Wars" with Madi and Maci
3. Ice Skating in Bradenton
4. Christmas Time at Gramma Becky's
5. Maci's super cute kitchen and many days of playing restaurant
6. Dinner with Zach and Carrie
7. Decorating Princess Tea Set with rhinestones

and more fun times!!!

I've Been Tagged by Laura

This picture is of my Bible Group Girls! I love you guys! (my 6th pic)
We went to Panera for coffee treats and fellowship time. I think this was sometime in September 08'

I was recently tagged by Laura Halloran. The directions were:

1. Go to the 6th folder

2. Choose the 6th picture

3. Post and explain

Now, I tag Heidi K, Cristy G & Tracy C.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blog Rewind..

I am a little behind in bloggin', almost 2 months behind. I was doing so good about journaling and printing the pages so my girls can have it later in life. But, as we all do we get busy and it doesn't get done. I lost my camera cord and just found it. So, excuse my page because it will be a rewind over the last few months.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

This year Ryan and I decided to give back to a needy family so luckily our church was having a program where you choose a family off a tree called Angel Ministries and they get a complete Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. We had the girls choose the families name and we turned in our donation. My girlfriends in my Bible group also choose a family to sponsor for the Angel Ministries. It was an excellent way to show our girls the meaning of giving back instead of always receiving.
On Christmas Eve morning, Maci had come down with a fever but Motrin was our saving grace to keep her feeling well enough to open gifts, play and enjoy our favorite day. Ryan's Aunt calls it "purple haze" so we are always kidding about giving our kids the "purple haze" (for plane rides, etc).
Christmas Day was perfect. It was the most relaxing Christmas we have had in years. I want to bottle up our girls age-6 and 8 it is such a great age, they have been so much fun (that is another blog). Back to Christmas Morning.
Our Traditions:
1.We always open our stockings first. Stockings were huge when I was growing up so I had to continue it even though the weren't as big in Ryan's family. I love all the little things you can put in them.
2. Ryan and I also stuff each other stockings. He does a really good job.
3. Then Present time, I am anal about the present opening. Mainly because you spend so much time shopping and money that it is over soooo quick. So, the girls each open one gift at a time and watch each other. It is nice and relaxing this way as well. You can ask my brothers and sisters and I was one of those slow gift openers and always was the last with gifts still to open. I didn't want it to be over.
4. The girls had a blast. They had several nice gifts from Santa, Grandparents' and Aunts and Uncles. Here are some of the ones I can remember:
They both got: a Wii and a Karoke machine
MP3 Player, Electric Scooter, 3 Movies, High School Musical Monopoly, Trouble, clothes, PJ's, earrings, journal, monogrammed "M" necklace, digital camera with case, monogrammed blanket,
book set, American Girl Doll books,
Twin Babies (with stroller, high chairs and swings), Baby doll clothes, W-mart Grocery cart with fake food, a beautiful girly wood kitchen, pots and pans, movies, monogrammed blanket, etc.
After the 15 minutes it took to open the gifts (such a short time for so much planning). We always fix pancakes and sausage. Of course, my favorite "Santas White Christmas" coffee.
After Breakfast, we headed off to my Mom and Dad's house. It is always great to go over and see everyone together. We had a wonderful Christmas lunch. The kids could hardly wait to open gifts so, we began and it is a tradition that everyone sits around and my Dad is Santa and passes out all the gifts. It is so exciting to watch the kids open the gifts.
After, we played games and had dessert. My Mom made the best homemade carmael pumpkin pie.
(not sure why this is underlined-if you know, post me)

Our Christmas Eve Tradition...We buy the girls PJ's and they open them on Christmas Eve. Now that they are older they know what that gift is before the open it. Daddy picked these cute christmas tree PJ's in bright pink and green.

Sound cute on the coach after a long day.

Maci with her rosy cheeks was sick but her stocking made her smile.

Madison with her stocking that she has had since she was born.

Look, sissy I got connect four!

My favorite...twin babies

Maci's gift for us that she made at school (the best gifts of all).

Madison made a dvd with her talking about the pictures from throughout third grade.

My stocking...Ryan ad I purchased these the year we got married. our small tree

Maci with her twins shopping at Walmart.

Madi loves to help in the kitchen. Here she is makiing our pancakes.

The crew at my parent's house playing Wii.

Maci waiting patiently at Granny's to open gifts.

Us girls ready to go out on Christmas day!